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Our International Recognitions


Pujya Munishri Ajitchandrasagarji Maharaj Saheb is Winner of Several Accolades by International Research Universities and Research Centers Like New York Times, Mexico University to name a few!


PHD in Philosophy

Pujya Munishri has received an honorary PhD from University of Azteca, Mexico University for his contribution in the field of Knowledge through Shatavdhan!

Noteworthy Accolades


University of Germany

The University of Germany mentioned Munishri's noteworthy contribution towards memory and education sector


University of Gujarat

Munishri's substantial contributions in the domains were recognized and acknowledged by the Gujaratuniversity, underscoring the importance and significance of the influence he has had on the realms of memory enhancement and educational advancement.


University of New York

The University of New York highlighted Munishri's commendable impact on the fields of memory and education.


University of Mumbai

This acknowledgment suggests that Munishri's efforts and achievements have left a lasting and positive mark in the academic and cognitive spheres, contributing significantly to the enhancement of memory-related practices and advancements in the education sector.

Guiness Book of World Records Holder!

Pujya Munishri Ajitchandra Sagar Maharaj is a Guiness Book of Wordl Record Holder in Fastest Words Per Minute!

Newspaper Publications


"I am truly impressed with the innovative approach to education provided by SSRF Education. Their programs seamlessly integrate scientific principles with practical applications, fostering a deeper understanding among students. I wholeheartedly endorse SSRF Education for their commitment to excellence in education.

NeuroScientist, Jaslok Hospital

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