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What are Meditation Cards?

It is observed that primarily there are 8 to 9 reasons due to which children miss their goal or are
unable to set them. For instance some children while studying get exhausted very soon, while others
start with one subject but switch to other subject in a short time.

Uses of Meditation cards

Advantages of Meditation Cards

  • The Meditation Card offers a holistic solution to the challenges hindering children from achieving their academic goals, as identified by psychiatrists and neurologists.

  • With a focus on issues like exhaustion, subject-switching, and headaches during study sessions, the card incorporates ancient wisdom and mindfulness practices extracted from thorough research of ancient scriptures.

  • This innovative approach provides children with enhanced focus and concentration, contributing to improved study habits.

  • Additionally, the Meditation Card addresses stress reduction, potentially preventing headaches and promoting overall mental well-being. It stands out as a comprehensive tool that not only tackles specific academic hurdles but also nurtures a positive and balanced mindset in children.

Did you Know?

Shat = hundred, Avadhaan = to memorize. Shatavdhaan is memorizing 100 words, questions or phrases spoken from the audience and recalling all of them in ascending, descending or random order.

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