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Saraswati Sadhana

Mantras hold two crucial aspects: they should not be misconstrued as the name of a specific god, avoiding conflicts with one's religion, and they resist translation, as altering the sound disrupts their essence. Despite their presence in various religions, mantras, such as Om or Shreem, remain untranslatable to preserve their significance. Each individual possesses a unique mantra representing their inner personality, offering self-realization.

What is Saraswati Mantra?

There are two important points regarding mantras that should be taken into account. Firstly, mantra should never be misunderstood to be the name of a particular god of a particular religion. There should be no conflict between your religion and mantra. 

Secondly, a mantra cannot be translated. Translation alters the sound. Even though mantras are found in Hinduism, in Buddhism, Catholicism, in Islam and among the Parsis and other religions and sects, they are never translated. If you change the succession and order of the sounds, the mantra ceases to be a mantra. If you translate the words you may have a very beautiful prayer, but not a mantra.

There are thousands of mantras, stemming from a variety of cultures, languages and religions. Some common ones are: Om, Shreem, Hreem, Kreem, Aim/Eim, Dum, Hum to name just a few. Everyone has a mantra of his/her own, and just as your personality is the represents your outer self, similarly the mantra represents your inner personality. It is through mantra that we realize our own psychic personality and it is this personality which we really are.

Saraswati: Ayeim or Aim

The mantra (pronounced 'I'm') is Guru beeja, the seed sound of speech, guidance and concentration. It can be used for directing mental energy and healing intentions to any marma point. It holds the "Saraswati" energy, the energy of knowledge, wisdom and creativity, and is white in color.

For realization of Goddess Saraswati, knowledge, wisdom, success in exams, pleasure and all round success. Also creates a strong base for other Saraswati Sadhanas.

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