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What is SSRF?

SSRF aims to research ancient religious practices (sadhanas) and make them available to the student
community with a aim to make them for brilliant.

Interesting SSRF Facts

The soul is the source of spiritual powers. The seeker attains many achievements in the spiritual development journey. "Inspiration" is one of those attainments. Attention is not only an activity to intensify power, but it is a process to increase the spread of all the powers of the soul.

Did you Know?

Ajitchandra Sagarji is now 500-Avdhaani

SSRF Achievements

  • SSRF Received more than Rs 1 Crore for school fees for the less privileged children.

  • Saraswati Sadhana in 16 States

  • Taught Saraswati Sadhana to more than 50,000 children of Bharat. 

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