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Activities in SSRF

SSRF often focuses on educational initiatives, aiming to enhance access to quality education for marginalized communities. They may establish schools, provide scholarships, and offer vocational training programs to empower individuals with skills for sustainable livelihoods.



Free sadhana - Online & Offline

Organizing Saraswati sadhana events for improving memory and concentration in children for their
overall growth

Carry out new research such as 36 day sadhana, meditation card, mantra bowl, inner power book etc. More new researches are expected in near future.


Hostel Facility for Students

A beautiful Vidya Bhavan is coming up near Vijay nagar - Gulabpura for the educational, cultural
and traditional upliftment of Jain children.



CSR for school students

Providing school fees for children who have either lost one of the parents or both the parents or
those from economically weaker section of our society (400 children have already received school


School Fees Relief

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