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What are Meditation Bowls?

A copper bowl engraved with mantra (or religious spell) is kept in water for some time and the water
is known to create magical effects. A mantra bowl has been prepared based on this concept and
research of ancient scriptures which brings magical change in children.

Uses of Meditation Bowls

Advantages of Meditation Bowls

  • Meditation bowls, crafted from copper and engraved with mantras, present a unique and potentially transformative approach to well-being.

  • Based on insights from ancient scriptures, the practice involves placing the bowl in water to create a soothing resonance with magical effects.

  • These bowls offer stress reduction and relaxation, serving as a tool for individuals, including children, seeking mental peace.

  • The combination of sound vibrations and mantras also suggests benefits for enhanced focus and mental clarity during meditation.

  • Furthermore, the cultural and spiritual connection embedded in the bowl's design adds a meaningful dimension to the meditation experience, providing a tangible link to ancient wisdom and fostering mindfulness.

Did you Know?

SSRF aims to research ancient religious practices (sadhanas) and make them available to the student community with a aim to make them for brilliant.

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