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What is Shatavdhan?

Shat-Avadhan (Shat i.e. 100/100 and Avadhan means to remember) means to focus on 100 different activities, things or things at the same time.


Individuals who achieve this condition are called "Cautiousness Humans".

Interesting Shatavdhan Facts

The soul is the source of spiritual powers. The seeker attains many achievements in the spiritual development journey. "Inspiration" is one of those attainments. Attention is not only an activity to intensify power, but it is a process to increase the spread of all the powers of the soul.

Did you Know?

Ganivarya Ajitchandra Sagarji is now 500-Avdhaani

Reasons for Shatavdhan

Shatavdhaan is not a subject of exhibition but it is a herculean effort to demonstrate the power of soul. In this era when the world is moving towards materialism Shatavdhaan is an indicator to theinfinite power of the soul.

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