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What is Shatavdhan ?

The soul is the source of spiritual powers. The seeker attains many achievements in the spiritual development journey. "Inspiration" is one of those attainments. Attention is not only an activity to intensify power, but it is a process to increase the spread of all the powers of the soul. Shat-Avadhan (Shat ie 100/100 and Avadhan means to remember) means to focus on 100 different activities, things or things at the same time. Individuals who achieve this condition are called "cautiousness". Speeches can be memorized by 100 people in any order spoken, shown, things and things. According to Jain religious tradition, one has to practice (meditate) hard penance, sacrifice, abstinence and meditation in order to achieve the status of the ritual. For this reason, as many finger names can be counted on the finger, it has been found in history. According to modern science, a normal person is able to use only 5% to 10% of his mental power. While centering the concentration, you can really use your mental power by concentrating fully. There are many such siddhant spirits too. Who did not use their achievements in front of ordinary humans to achieve the greatest powers.


Pujya Pujya Ajit Chandrasagarji Maharaj Saheb, the young sage who attained this state of greatness, has reached five times in the journey of development of power. That is, they have now become "half-armed". (500 questions) They can answer 500 questions asked in any order at one time.

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